Imagine…Building a business based on your personal values of integrity, character, and civility. Everything you imagine can become a reality. Join nationally recognized etiquette experts from Civility Experts Worldwide at and train to be an Etiquette Consultant specializing in Courtesy for Children, Youth, Teens, and Social IQ, and/or Business Etiquette. 
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With a resurgence of interest in traditional values, more and more educators, parents, communities, and businesses recognize that civility is invaluable. There is a high demand for professional etiquette consultants with credible training and experience.

Civility Experts Worldwide recognizes that given the necessary knowledge, support, and proven business strategies, many individuals with life-experience, or academic histories, and the passion to operate their own business, will succeed. This is why we provide practical, cost-effective, ready-to-use business tools and solutions so you can get started owning, and profiting from your new business right away!

So, Why Is Etiquette And Civility Training Important? 
•Social IQ - that is, having an understanding of what behaviour is expected and respected in any situation can increase confidence (for children as well as adults) significantly.

•Studies suggest that professional success is directly related to a person’s Social Quotient- a combination of social skills, people skills and ability to get along with others. 

•In a world where things change constantly; demographics, technology, career profiles, socially and culturally, core values - integrity, courtesy, sincerity, kindness, are still essential to building long-term personal and professional relationships. 

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