At Civility Experts Worldwide our goal is to alleviate some of the typical new business stressors that entrepreneurs face. This is why we offer a full-service, one stop etiquette business resource where you can find affordable, ready-to-use training toolkits and materials that can easily be adapted to your specific business. 

We even sell etiquette-oriented domain names!  Click Here to review our  reserved list of available domain names which include full renewable rights after one year and first right of refusal. Priced at an affordable $99.00 per year.

We also offer resources, coaching, and if you are just getting started; a worldwide support network! Everything you need to start your business, and all at a time-wise and dollar-wise price that you can afford. 

We offer the following training tools and toolkits, click on the item to be redirected to our fully stocked shopping center with over 150 products.

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To Be Polite
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Training Tools & Kits

   •Click Here to Build Your Own Training Toolkits Package
   •Click Here for a Start Your Own Etiquette Business Trainer Toolkit
   •Click Here for the Setting Workplace Standards Business Etiquette Briefs
   •Click Here for Etiquette Around the World - Culture Reports
   •Click Here for The Civility at Work Series - Trainer Lessons 
   •Click Here for The Culture at Work Series - Trainer Lessons
   •Click Here for the Manners Minutes - Manners at School Program
   •Click Here for the Manners Minutes - Home School Individual Modules
   •Click Here for the Home-Made Manners - Home School Manners Program
   •Click Here for the Charming Chatterboxes - Manners Lesson
   •Click Here for The Kindergarten Kick-Off program for pre and K
   •Click Here for the Bee Polite (for ages 3-7)
   •Click Here for The Art of Conversation (for ages 8-11) 
   •Click Here for the Behavior All Stars (ages 3-7)
   •Click Here for Major League Manners (ages 8-11)
   •Click Here for The Good Apple Guide to Manners for Kids
   •Click Here for The Good Apple Manners Individual Lessons for Kids 
   •Coming soon...The Purple Haired People - book for kids
   •Coming soon…Please Pass the Manners - book for kids

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